Portugal, Football Destination

The history of Football in Portugal is centennial. Names like Eusébio, Figo and Cristiano Ronaldo, are already part of world history.

European Champions in 2016, the Portuguese national team is the current result of a winning spirit of a country with the eyes on the practice of the King Sport, where conditions allow professional and amateur athletes to achieve the most challenging goals.

Known as a beach destination, where the climate allows 365 days of sport activities, Portugal offers a wide range of options from North to South, not to mention the Islands of Madeira and the Azores.

Stage of an increasingly competitive and surprising national championship, with a focus on young athletes with a strong commitment to training, Portugal is, today, one of the main destinations of Sports Tourism in the world. There, you’ll find excellent hotel units of high experience in hosting professional teams and sports complexes adapted to the most demanding objectives.

With the apogee in the organization of the European Championship of 2004 and following the evolution of the sports world, in particular Football/Soccer, Portugal has observed a strong investment in sports facilities of the highest level, with the most advanced technologies applied to the practice of that sport.


probably the best football destination!

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